Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ghanaian Pharmacist Murdered In The U.S.

A Ghanaian pharmacist in the United States was shot in the face four times, in cold blood, for allegedly refusing to sell prescription drugs to a customer who didn’t have a prescription.
Michael Nana Baffuor Addo, 35, was killed by a male customer, believed to be an Iraqi war veteran,who later shot and killed a second victim, Daniel Rogers, within a space of 15 minutes. The suspect, who is a customer at the Rite Aid Pharmacy, has not yet been identified.

The incident led to the lockdown of schools and the indefinite closure of the Rite Aid store in the Frandor Shopping Center in Michigan.

Details of the attack remain unclear but it is believed that Addo was helping a customer who asked for a drug that he did not have a prescription for. Addo proceeded to tell the man that he needed a prescription, which angered the man. The man then went to his car and came back and shot Addo several times in the face.

Addo’s father, Nana Addo Baffuor, collapsed when he was informed of his son's death by Lansig Police. Family spokesperson, Stephen Antwi said, “We are all devastated and we don’t know what to do. It’s a huge loss to the family, friends and the nation at large because here is a very promising guy in his prime age and all of a sudden out of the blues he’s just gone like that by one crazy guy”.

Members of Addo’s family are now liaising with police in the U.S. for the body of the deceased to be flown home.
Addo grew up in Ghana and is survived by his wife Alberta and an 11-month-old daughter.

*RIP Addo.

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