Friday, 30 May 2014

UPDATE: Director Admits to and Apologizes for PHISICALLY Assaulting Actress Nuong Faalong and Asks to Settle the Case Out of Court..

           Actress-Nuong Faalong
The assault case reported earlier between a Nigerian Director Prince Gbenga and actress Nuong Faalong is still developing but as of today, the director and production house have apologized to the actress and agreed to settle her medical bills so she will drop the charges…

The director admits to having physically assaulted the actress and insists he had no intentions of doing so but things unfortunately led to that happening.

The case of physical assault was also confirmed by a doctor at the police hospital. GhanaCelebrities.Com has obtained the relevant police and medical documents in relation to the case…

The actress has since received medical treatment but has declined to return to the set of the said production.

Meanwhile, Director Prince Gbenga has been granted bail and released.

We hope this serves as a lesson to both actresses and directors to respect each other on set no matter how helpless the other person may seem. And nobody needs to assault another for whatever reason…

 Nuong Faalong Assaulted (4)
Nuong Faalong Assaulted (1)
Nuong Faalong Assaulted (2)Nuong Faalong Assaulted (3)

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