Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Graphic Photos: Doctors Made this Lady's Fake Boobs Too Large that they Exploded!

Kim Brockhurst, 51, paid £4,000 for a boob job to increase her breast size from a 32AA to a 32B. When she woke up, she was horrified to discover she had been given DD breasts (pictured)

A gym instructor who paid £4,000 - N1m for a boob job was horrified when surgeons first made her breasts too big - and then the implants exploded inside her.

Kim Brockhurst, 51, went under the knife hoping to increase her 32AA breasts by two cup sizes. But she was shocked when she came round after the surgery to find she had a pair of huge DD breasts.

Ms Brockhurst says she learned to live with her oversized chest until she discovered she had been given faulty PIP implants which had burst, leaking industrial grade silicone into her body. To make matters worse, she only learned of the problem when her new breasts became lumpy and misshapen.

After surgery Ms Brockhurst noticed her breasts becoming lumpy and misshapen. She then discovered she had been given faulty PIP implants which had to be removed. She is pictured after reconstructive surgery

She told WNS:
I was really flat chested and I wanted a bit more bounce. So I saved up for the surgery hoping it would give me a nice confidence boost. But I ended up with these big heavy breasts - much bigger than I’d asked for.  
But it got worse when my breasts slowly went out of shape - it was a terrible time. Soon I had a big dent in my right breast and the implant on the left just exploded - leaking the implant’s industrial strength silicone into my breast tissue.’

Ms Brockhurst had just gone through a painful divorce when she had the surgery in 2004 so she asked doctors to boost her chest to a modest 32B. It emerged that the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) had been manufacturing implants using industrial grade silicone intended for use in mattresses.

She eventually had the faulty implants removed and her breasts taken down to a more manageable 34D.
She said:
Everyone says it’s taken years off me. Sometimes it’s nice not to have a big cleavage.’

 Ms Brockhurst says it was 'a terrible time' when her breast implants started to leak and became lumpy. She is pictured just after the initial boob job
Ms Brockhurst (pictured after having reconstructive surgery following the removal of her PIP implants) says she is now happy having smaller breasts and that it is much better for her job as a yoga and Pilates instructor

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