Friday, 20 June 2014

Its Been 12 years Mummy Left...

Its been 12 years without you Mummy, 
12years good years you left, 
You left without seeing me graduate,

You left when I needed you most,
You left without seeing the woman I have become,
You left without seeing my kids,
You left without saying goodbye,

When I came to the hospital, why didn't you tell me that you won't be coming back,
You looked at me and smiled, why did you smile when you know that you won't be coming back,
You avoided eye contact instead you asked me to go and buy water for you...

Most times, I act as if all is well, but the truth is that you left a hole that have not been replaced,
It's been 12years, but I still feel it as if it was yesterday,
I missed your lovely smile,
I missed your delicious dishes,
I missed your jokes, advise,stories,

Ever since you left ,
No one pets me, 
No one supports me,
No one cares for me, 
No one cheers me up ,
No one understands me,

Who can love me unconditionally again,
If not God, only God, I know He is the one that took you, 
He has a better plan for us all... 

May the Almighty God bless your beautiful soul,