Sunday, 5 October 2014

How To Deal With The Devil Within?

What do you do when a friends turns to an enemy?
What do you do when a sister becomes a rival?
What do you do when love turns to hate?
What do you do when a spouse becomes a torn in the flesh?
What do you do when that one special person turns back on you?

I ran into an old friend today, we were living in the same area before I left she also moved into this new area that I'm staying but for some months now, I have not seen her (thoght she traveled) only this evening, I saw her coming out of a compound in an area I went to see someone, I was like aww, is this you, where have you been?
She said, my elder sister got pregnant for my husband, I couldn't bear the shame, I had to relocate to somewhere else so that I can cool my head....

how do you advise such a person,... what do I tell her?

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